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Where is going?

Quick Wins

  • The ability to quickly edit your own public note when viewing its public URL
  • Make it clear in the app how the different sharing levels work (🌰 Private, 🌱 Shared, and 🌸 Public)

Bigger Ideas

  • The ability to choose when to publish updates to a public note (currently, it’s as-you-type, making it possible for a viewer to see an incomplete sentence if you’re in the middle of writing it.)
  • Transclusion: when linking to your own or another’s note, render the source note in some fashion (Markdown content blocks are another approach)
  • A button to turn an unlinked mention into a linked reference, so you can connect notes without switching contexts
  • “Following”: once is bigger than me and a few friends, the ability to choose whose public notes you can see
  • Federation 🖖: as grows, I’d like to investigate decentralization using ActivityPub (like Mastodon)
  • Color themes, because maybe not everyone likes earth tones?
  • Some way to be notified if someone else links one of theirs to (or indirectly mentions) one of your notes


  • You can now see which notes another person has in common with you. View their profile and select “Like Yours” from the filter drop-down. For example, see which of my public notes have titles most similar to your notes:
  • Allow typing spaces when autocompleting a wikilink
  • Graph view (click the network node icon when viewing your notes) to visualize how your notes are connected to each other.
  • Linked headings: click the chain link icon next to any heading when viewing a 🌸 Public note to link directly to it. This can be especially helpful when sharing a note with someone else.