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If you want to build a personal knowledgebase but just isn’t for you, you might try these alternatives:

  • Obsidian (free with paid addons) was my tool of choice before building At the time, it didn’t have a mobile app or support publishing, but it looks like that’s changed!
  • The Compendium, a deck/card based approach to a personal knowledebase
  • TiddlyWiki (free) is an open-source personal wiki that will likely require some fiddling to set up and customize, but is extremely flexible if you’re up for that. Don’t miss Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s post on how to use TiddlyWiki as a digital garden
  • Quiver (paid) is a personal knowledgebase for programmers
  • Supernotes (free, but pay for more notes) while is about taking your own notes inspired by others, Supernotes focuses on collaborating with others on a shared collection of notes.
  • Roam Research (paid): if you prefer writing notes in lists rather than prose, you may like Roam.
  • LogSeq, an open-source Roam clone
  • Notion (free with addons)
  • Memex takes a novel approach, allowing you to add annotations to existing web pages and PDF documents for yourself (or, if you share, others) to access later.