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Call Summary: Ethereum Core Devs No. 60 (April 26, 2019)

Call Summary: Ethereum Core Devs No. 60 (April 26, 2019)

Meeting Agenda


ProgPow Audit is starting this week with a downpayment from the Gitcoin campaign

1x working groups have a new momentum / structure heading out of the Berlin meetings last week

Ethereum Core Devs Call Notes


• Parity Added support for Goerli Testnet. Did not attend the call.


• Following the Berlin Core Devs Meeting (Day One, Day Two) last week, there was consensus on a 6 month upgrade cycle (current proposal here). If more people get involved it could be reduced to 4 months, albeit with some overlap. With less pressure to make deadlines there should be higher quality EIPs.

All recordings and slides for Core Devs meeting in Berlin April 17-18. What location / dates (poll here) make sense for the next in person meeting? List of Working Groups. Finality Gadget Working Group discussion here. Fee market change working group. Funding allows for accountability and timelines by implementers.


ProgPoW is still in progress: audit funded and likely will be completing around July. Should clients still implement? There may need to be a new testnet. Should not be put on Ropsten until it’s fully mainnet committed for Istanbul. There is concern regarding testnet switching (from EthHash to ProgPoW) in terms of difficulty adjustments. No “Core Devs” in call voiced opposition; general public is opposed on grounds of time wasting / loss of focus or contingent on audit results. It is no longer a proposal but is on track for Istanbul. Needs to be PRd into the hard fork Meta EIP along with conditions.


eWASM had previously been favored instead of including precompiles but now that the schedule has been extended it may be better to start considering precompiles again. Also, just because the code is good and their EIP is well specified does not mean that it is justified as a precompile. It’s up to the champion to demonstrate that an EVM implementation would not be sufficient and that they have done a best effort optimisation. See Zachary Williamson’s Medium Writeup on Huff.


• Gas Fee Market change (EIP 1559 discussion) (recent Berlin Presentation) seems to be moving forward well. Could have a slight modification, suggested by Alexey here. Having two separate types means you do not have to coordinate with every wallet provider. Additionally, if parameters are incorrect / flawed then there is a fallback to the previous pricing model.

• Zak Cole (Whiteblock) needs more people to participate. Simulation group can be combined with Testing. Boris: there needs to be money to support these working groups, aside from what has already been allocated for Alexey and State rent. Hudson will act as liaison for communicating with funding efforts from Foundation. Zak – if there are people looking for money, apply to MolochDAO; it may be able to help out.

• Alexey brought up his latest proposal for stateful-stateless spectrum.


EIP 615 still has some concerns on complexity and it may be broken into smaller components but the team behind it is hopeful for Istanbul inclusion.

• ChainID OpCode (EIP 1344) is in last call.

• OpCode Repricing (EIP 1884) has been merged.

• Linear Elliptic Curve (EIP 1829) will likely be launching a new working group specific to this proposal, the work is not trivial. Needs gas costs in order to be considered. Would supersede the Blake2 precompile.

EIP 689 does not have a champion. There needs to be champions for each EIP, make the PRs. There was uncertainty on whether this has been superseded by Create2.

• Unlimited SWAP and DUP, would allow access to entire stack and help EIP 615.

• Specify restricted address range for precompiles/system contracts (EIP 1352) – would be supported by EEA to allow EVM based sidechains that can interact with Ethereum Mainchain.

• Formal process for EIP selection through ECH (Proposal here)

• If an EIP is formatted correctly it should be accepted. Perhaps add something akin to a champion. Boris will be added to Auto-merger.

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