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Core Devs: Istanbul on track for May 17 EIP approval deadline

Core Devs: Istanbul on track for May 17 EIP approval deadline

Ethereum Core Devs Call #61 (May 10, 2019)


  • Deadline of May 17 for EIP approval is fast approaching.

  • There will likely be ~15 EIPs submitted for Istanbul consideration.

Istanbul EIP approval deadline May 17

  • May 17 EIP approval deadline still stands for getting EIPs PRd into 1679 (and thus into Istanbul) – EIPs don’t have to be perfect but should have proper formatting.
  • There needs to be a champion for testing and testnets on “the road to Istanbul.”
  • See proposed EIPs for Istanbul here. There is one week left to finalise EIPs for consideration. Client implementers need to have a rough idea of scope and feasibility.
  • Conflict between EIP 1344 and EIP 1965 – Discussion here.
  • Blake2b is still looking for someone to implement, funding available.
  • EIP 1829 is still waiting on a final submission, Remco!
  • Post on 1x processes from Alexey. A response to discussion on the first EthHub community call where participants sought to refine the public narrative for why the legacy chain is important.
  • State rent working group is still exploring tradeoffs between rent and semi-stateless client approach, where each block is paired with a block proof. First EIPs on this will be out this coming week.
  • “Testing, testnets, and road to Istanbul.” Zak Cole (Whiteblock) is working on a testing roadmap – would like to work with anyone interested in this. Released an open source testing framework. Need to identify the testing leads from each team. Looking to work with EEA in order to minimise duplication of work.
  • Check out Retesteth for client-agnostic tests.
  • Rinkeby testnet was upgraded, and there are a lot of un-upgraded nodes – make sure to upgrade if you help run this testnet.
  • Alexey is preparing a workshop for DappCon to teach people how to become Core Developers. Awesome!

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