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Privacy Policy

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Contents is a labor of love created and maintained by a sole developer. It gives me joy that you would use a thing I built, and I will labor mightily to be worthy of the trust you place in me by doing so. requires an email address

This is so we can reset your password in the event you forget it. Your email address is never sold, shared, or connected to any of your data outside of uses cookies to keep you logged in while you use the app

  • By default, cookies last until you close your browser, but when logging in you can choose to be remembered for longer than that.
  • does not track you in any way while you browse other websites

Any notes you write are stored on’s servers

  • The app’s creator (me, Steve), as the sole developer and administrator, is the only human who can theoretically access your private notes by logging into the database, but I will never do so. To make even that impossible would require end-to-end encryption, which would interfere with if not prohibit features like search and sharing.
  • is hosted on You can view Fly’s privacy policy and security features
  • is accessible only over an encrypted HTTPS connection so that others on your local network cannot snoop on your activity.

Your notes are yours to take with you

You can export them from the Account Settings page.

You can delete all of your data from

Also from the Account Settings page. Database backups are kept for 7 days as a precaution, but after that all of your data will gone forever.