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Hi 👋🏻, I’m Steve. I built to help me connect concepts and ideas on the things I’m interested in, mainly programming, philosophy, and systems thinking, especially related to how to behave ethically within unethical systems. When parenting leaves me time, I’m enjoying learning to play the tin whistle. This is the temple of my adult aloneness.

288 Notes

  1. loneliness

    The absence of [[relationships]].

  2. relationships

    > There is no enjoying the possession of anything valuable unless one has someone to share it with.

  3. Friendship

    ## A friend awakens something within you

  4. wisdom

    Colloquially, wisdom is an acquired awareness of what matters most in situations, a defense against illusion.

  5. moral disengagement theory

    Moral disengagement theory, pioneered by Albert Bandura, seeks to explain how people with a sense of morality nonetheless violate their own moral code.

  6. interdependence

    Interdependence (sometimes called "mutual arising") in [[Taoism]] refers to things or concepts that cannot exist without each other, and are thus best considered as aspects of a single thing, not separate.

  7. alcohol

    10 million years ago, our gene for the enzyme that helps us process alcohol (alcohol dehydrogenase) underwent a mutation that left it 40x more effective.

  8. kindness

    ## [[Clarity]] is Kindness

  9. clarity

    > Clarity is what we owe, in honesty and goodwill, to one another.

  10. Entangled Life

    A book by Merlin Sheldrake on fungi and the surprising ways that biology defies the categories we try to put it in.