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A web application inplementation of the Zettelkasten method I’m building. Inspired by others’ digital gardens.

Ideas Behind the App

  • writing as a means to understanding, even if Wikipedia remains a more thorough resource.
  • Linking new ideas to ones I’ve learned already can help me understand, contextualize, and remember them.
  • Breakthrough ideas in one domain are often inspired by ideas from another (inspired by James Burke’s Connections). Linking ideas together can help form new ideas.
  • Learning in public is better than learning in private. Our minds are echo-chambers: we need feedback. And most ideas have been thought already, so connecting our ideas to others’ can lead us to what is truly original.
  • Finding connections makes life more meaningful

Why I Need Something Like This

  • Whatever interesting thoughts I had, I found myself thinking them over and over, as if my brain were trying to hold on to them. If I wrote them down somewhere I’d be sure to come back to them, could my brain move on to other thoughts?
  • The time I have to write has become shorter and less predictable since having kids: my youngest might wake up at 5am or 6:30am, and I got tired of waking at 5am to write, only to be interrupted 10 minutes later. If I can’t find the long stretches of uninterrupted time it takes to write essays, what format could I write in that fit my newfound time constraints?


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